Triangulating Particulars / HilbertRaum Berlin

triangulating particulars

Lena von Goedeke & Soyoung Chung & Linn Meyers

November 2017
Reuterstrasse 31, 12053 Berlin

Triangulating Particulars – An artistic experiment in hilbert space

Let C, M and G be three distinct and particular artistic positions, all however aligned along the Euclidean plane. Select these vertices so that their points of origin encompass three different continents. Collapse the scale so that all three fit within the same few rooms in Berlin, and make this space confirm to David Hilbert’s concept allowing endless possibilities of multidimensional calculations. Permit collaboration, but without insisting on it. Will the positions conform, converge, simply co-exist, or even collide? What will be the measurable outcome? The initiating spark for me wanting to set this experiment up, was the news that Korean artist Soyoung Chung would spend a few months in Europe, first at a research residency at Delfina Foundation in London, then producing new work at the Z/KU here in Berlin. Knowing Soyoung’s work from a residency in Ireland more than a decade ago, it has since positively fascinated me. The opportunity of engaging her for a show at our project space HilbertRaum, now that she was finally back in Europe, was irresistible. Letting a particle float alone in space makes for less likelihood of indicative reactions. Throwing together just anything with high energy or velocity, however, might very well create a lot of noise and light, but probably without enduring results. Inviting US artist Linn Meyers and Berlin based Lena von Goedeke…

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Current - Installationsansicht

Installation view

Installationsansicht - Linn Meyers & Lena von Goedeke