Stretch / HilbertRaum Berlin


Appelhoff / von Goedeke im HilbertRaum Berlin

23. Juni – 04. Juli 2017
Reuterstrasse 31, Berlin

Hilbertraum welcomes Berlin-based artists Lena von Goedeke and Sascha Appelhoff with their new show STRETCH on the occasion of 48h Neukölln. After SPARRING, in which they addressed the conditions and struggles of sharing rooms as an artists’ couple, and LAMETTA, where they evoked the visitor’s discomfort by confining their spacial needs, STRETCH maps out a strategy of how to comprehend space in cognitive, virtual, physical and spiritual ways.

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Unfinished Monkey Business

monkey business

Keramik, glasiert / glazed ceramics / ca 7 x 22 x 11 cm


sascha appelhoff: bozetto

Gips, Lack, Metall, Holz / plaster, varnish, wood / variable sizes

Sascha Appelhoff - Bozetto