Groupshow in HilbertRaum

Opening friday, September 10th 2017, 6pm

Reuterstrasse 31
12053 Berlin

Triangulating Particulars

An international group show curated by Tobias Sternberg – 10. November – 19. November

Lena von Goedeke – Soyoung Chung – Linn Meyers

… Letting a particle float alone in space makes for less likelihood of indicative reactions. Throwing together just anything with high energy or velocity, however, might very well create a lot of noise and light, but probably without enduring results. Inviting US artist Linn Meyers and Berlin based Lena von Gödeke, who is herself a member of HilbertRaum, brings together three artists who have never met before, but whose work can clearly be described using similar parameters. The word “research” is somewhat overused in art speak. Yet, in the case of these three positions, the physical outcomes truly epitomizes research. Still, even if not knowing the background, the final works hold their own with a solemn poetry and decisive precision. Expect ambitious room installations combined with delicate drawings.

Lena von Gödeke (de) will present an installation inspired by remote sensing techniques she was able to observe at a recent visit to ALOMAR Observatory and Andøya Space Center in northern Norway. Her installation will indicate ways in which we could extend our senses into regions and spaces beyond our normal sensory range, in effect turning us into cyborgs. …


Abb.: “Current” Detail


The Arctic Circle Residency 2018

Ruhr Residence 2017

Oktober 2017


Lena von Gödeke, Lisa Domin, Sebastian Forkath, Denise Ritter,
Julia Sellmann, Alexander Luna, Esther Manon Siddique, Mira Mann

With its basic understanding of the Ruhr region as an experimental domain, laboratory, and space of opportunity and possibility, KunstVereineRuhr – a collaboration of about 15 art associations and artists’ residences from the Ruhr region – developed the concept “Ruhr.Residence”. As part of the new regional initiative for the individual support of artists and creatives (IKF), the project, which was launched as a pilot in 2016, will now be continued.

The RuhrResidence consists of the domains GO and RETURN.

GO applies to in-situ artists: in form of a scholarship, eight Ruhr artists get the chance to travel to a country they deem relevant to their advancement as artists.

During their journey the artists will run a blog:


Travel blog