Exhibition with Sophia Pompéry

February15. – March 30.
Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst hase29 Osnabrück


ine white sand meanders across the floor – the installation by Lena von Goedeke and Sophia Pompéry lends the exhibition space hase29 the atmosphere of a changeable and at the same time timeless landscape. Fragments of text hidden under the sand are exposed in an air stream or made to disappear by drifting. Everything appears fleeting and fragmentary.

Already with Caspar David Friedrich landscape was not a really calming place of refuge. Today the experience of nature is completely different. “Luv and Lee” draws viewers deeply into its spell: how do we perceive space and ourselves when the ground beneath our feet moves and is unstable? Can “Luv and Lee” also be seen as a dystopia of a disastrous change?


Image: Sophia Pompéry


DEW21 Kunstpreis 2018

October 2018

DEW21 Art Award Dortmund

I was awarded the DEW21 Art Award 2018. The award includes a prize money of 10.000 € and includes a solo show in Dortmunder U and a publication in autumn 2019.



Research Svalbard

November 27. 2018 – January 27. 2019


Longyearbyen and surroundings
Svalbard archipelago


I spend the long polar night on Svalbard, in order to establish an exchange of knowledge and ideas with local scientists and artists, and to experience the hardship of human life in the arctic during hikes and expeditions.



KunstRaum Duisburg

Eröffnung 3. November 2018, 17 – 20 Uhr

KunstRaum Dr. Barthelmie
47051 Duisburg

white noise